BTMS software for Oil and Gas pipelines

Our premium product is software for planning and integration business and technological process in the Pipelines and Tank farms, BTMS. His task is exchanging data between SCADA system and other Technological and Business processes. LDS (Leak Detection System) and Batch Tracking Module is also included, as well as Mass Balance Module

BTMS has proactive capabilities and doing future planning and simulation in several scenarios for hydrocarbon movement and storage.

BTMS gives to all relevant people all necessary technological and business data what they need in the real time (tank volumes, active and non-active batch) and from that reason it is excellent tool for preparing and distribute all kinds of reports.

BTMS is self-learning software and helping users proactively in their decisions with predictive and prescriptive modules by knowledge collected from the past data and experience.

BTMS can run on premise and on MS Azure and other Cloud platforms.

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